Breeders of Minature, Medium and Standard Labradoodles

Raising Multigenerational Australian Chocolate Mini Labradoodle Puppies near Wagga Wagga in New South Wales.

Domestic Flights can be organised on your behalf 

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Call or text: 0428 488 166


What makes a La Maison Chocolate Miniature / Medium Labradoodle special?
The traits and dispositions of La Maison Labradoodles were developed over twenty-two years of research and with this special attention, has yielded a special mix of several gene pools that result in a very special line of dog.
We at
La Maison Labradoodles are dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the genetic lines of the Labradoodle. Through breeding of only authentic Chocolate and Parti bloodlines, we are able to bring you the healthiest, happiest, soundest Labradoodle puppies. These wonderful animals are known for the following traits:
*Bred for soundness and temperament
*Easy to train
*Highly intuitive
*Energetic, but quiet when handled
*Free flowing, Wool or Fleece coats
*Keen to learn


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